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At Indiana Bridge Inc., we strive daily for safety excellence. We adhere to a company safety program called “Zero Injury”. This concept causes our team to strive for zero incidents and incorporates a number of controls to protect our employees and ensure our shop is a safe place to work. Our goal each and every day is to send everyone home in the same or better condition than when they came to work.

Indiana Bridge, Inc Steel Fabrication

Listed below are key aspects to our safety program:

A full time safety manager on staff

Intense new hire safety training and Zero Injury Pledge

A culture of accountability where all employees within the organization are responsible for safety

Rigorous enforcement of Personal Protective Equipment standards

Daily “stretch and flex” and daily toolbox meetings to get the day started with safety on the minds of each employee

A near miss tracking program to ensure we mitigate potential hazards before they cause injury

Employee safety observations, job hazard analysis, and operating procedures implemented regularly

Bi-weekly safety meetings with all employees to train team members on safe work practices

An active safety committee which provides insight and suggestions for increasing safety in the workplace and holding all employees accountable

Monthly shop safety inspections to ensure our shop is as safe as possible for our employees and visitors

These efforts have made us one of the safest structural steel fabricators in the Midwest. We take the well-being of our team very seriously and are making strides to continuously improve our safety programs every day.

“There isn’t any job so important—or any service so urgent— that we can’t take time to work safely.”

Tim Moles, Safety Manager


Indiana Bridge has been providing exceptional steel fabrication services for over 130 years. Our professional team offers extensive experience in rack structures, designing, project management, and steel erection projects.

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